Weather-Induced Migrations Alter Major Markets

Unfortunately for millions of Americans, the second half of 2017 featured multiple historic weather events. From the devastating hurricanes in the southeast to the wildfires in California, these disasters will force many cities, states and the people who call them home into long-term rebuilding processes. But what if, instead of returning to hard hit areas,…
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Dentagraphics in the Media

Kent Miller, President of Dentagraphics, recently appeared on the Dentalpreneur Podcast hosted by Dr. Mark Costes. During the episode, Kent and Dr. Costes discuss a number of topics ranging from general demographic concepts to specific dental scenarios and how they might be addressed by a demographics report. Other points of conversation include; Where to find opportune…
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The Fastest Growing Suburban Markets According to

Back in 2015, we posted about the country's fastest growing metropolitan areas. Given how much has changed since then and in light of new data, we thought it'd be interesting to revisit the issue. Earlier this week, published its list of the top ten cities with the fastest growing suburban markets. While not exactly…
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What are patients saying about the practices they don’t like?

As most doctors will tell you, there’s a lot more to a dental practice than simply achieving the best medical results. Keeping patients happy is a multi-faceted task requiring versatile skill sets. If any one aspect goes too poorly, patients will quickly perceive a bad experience. Unhappy customers lead to bad reviews which lead to…
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