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The First Step to Opening a Dental Practice

The First Step to Opening a Dental Practice Many new dentists are surprised to find out they have made decisions which might significantly impact the location of their future practice before they have even officially begun their property search. The Search has Already Begun Any business owner can tell you about the huge amount of…
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Peak Millennial – Peak City?

Peak Millennial – Peak City? Pondering the Future of Cities Millennials, the much-discussed generation credited with (or blamed for) changing everything from where people live to what they eat and drink, are growing up. The oldest, in fact, are now approaching forty years old. And, as people in that age group have always done, some…
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Growth and Prosperity: A Cautionary Tale

Growth and Prosperity: A Cautionary Tale Over the last few decades, select areas have experienced massive population increases and building booms while other previously dominant regions have fallen behind. Though weather conditions and taxes garner their own worthy discussions, one prevailing narrative has chalked this growth up to mobile, educated Americans leaving less opportune regions…
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Weather-Induced Migrations Alter Major Markets

Unfortunately for millions of Americans, the second half of 2017 featured multiple historic weather events. From the devastating hurricanes in the southeast to the wildfires in California, these disasters will force many cities, states and the people who call them home into long-term rebuilding processes. But what if, instead of returning to hard hit areas,…
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