Dentist Testimonials

Dentist Testimonials

Very impressed with the report. I recommend it to all of my clients to gain the upper-hand when selecting their future office location.

Cary Smith, President - Dentist Secure

In my search for the right location to put my dental office I used several different demographic companies.  Out of the reports I received, Dentagraphics was the most useful.  They understood what type of practice I wanted to open and focused on the criteria required for me to achieve this goal.  The interactive map is extremely helpful and something no other company provided.  In addition to the wealth of information provided by the report, customer service is outstanding.  Within a few days of receiving my report I was scouting nine different locations within Dentagraphics recommended zones.  I am very pleased with Dentagraphics and would highly recommend their services.

Travis Schwarz, DMD

Robert at Dentagraphics provided valuable information in a demographics report and was great at helping to interpret/analyze the data.  I liked the fact that he incorporated the surrounding areas and took them into consideration when evaluating a potential practice site.  I also liked the interactive map he provided that allows you to see how individual factors place a role in evaluating the sites.

Brandy Burgess, DDS, MS

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