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Why Demographics?

Like any business that relies on attracting customers from their local area, choosing the right location is key in setting your practice up for success. A demographic report will help to inform you if the people living and working nearby want to buy what you sell. Do residents fit your target patient base? Are there already a lot of similar businesses in the same area? If so, where might be a better location? Demographic reports are relatively miniscule investments which help to better inform your decision-making process and limit risk before you go the bank and sign on the dotted line.


Now, Why Dentagraphics?

The Most Reliable Data

Dentagraphics utilizes its own software to create entirely new databases of competing dental offices. We are the only dental demographics company that verifies the location and specialty of each existing practice by hand. Inaccuracies in the static lists that are industry-standard may incur extremely high costs down the line.

Your Report, Explained

Every report includes a complimentary thirty-minute consultation call in which one of our trained demographics professionals reviews our findings. Here, we will answer your questions, dive deeper into the report and provide advice for starting your practice.

Every Report is Custom

Dental practices have a wide variety of strategies and patient bases, let alone the infinite number of variables in commercial office space. As you check out, you’ll take a short questionnaire, identifying who you are, your target patient base and any additional details which you would like considered.

Easy to Read Reports

Interpreting the results of your report shouldn’t create more confusion or uncertainty. Data dumps, as we like to call them, are all too common. Our reports are designed to highlight the most important information in a clear and concise manner with contextual details when necessary.

You’re in Control

When comparing multiple locations, Dentagraphics provides access to an interactive map where you can choose the importance of each variable. Interested in higher income areas? Simply slide the median household income scale to the right. Want to see only the least saturated areas? Your map can do that, too.

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