The Fastest Growing Suburban Markets According to

Back in 2015, we posted about the country’s fastest growing metropolitan areas. Given how much has changed since then and in light of new data, we thought it’d be interesting to revisit the issue. Earlier this week, published its list of the top ten cities with the fastest growing suburban markets. While not exactly the same metric, quite a few buyers prefer the suburbs to their urban and rural alternatives. In fact, says that figure for Spring of 2017 is 50%. The suburban growth market metric is particularly interesting to the dental industry since we often find that high growth suburban markets offer the clearest and strongest opportunity.

So, where are these places? For the most part, they aren’t all that different from the metropolitan markets that were identified back in 2015. The Sunbelt does well. Five of the top ten are located in either Texas or Florida. The other five are found in areas that I’d also term “usual suspects”; California (x2), Colorado, Tennessee and North Carolina. Many in the industry expect population growth to continue largely in the south and west for the foreseeable future. We’ve summarized the findings below but the article and explanation of each market are worth a read. The blog also maintains a steady flow of real estate related news that may be of interest, especially if you’re considering a move.

  1. Northeast Denver, Colorado
  2. Wylie, Texas
  3. Dublin, California
  4. Daffan, Texas
  5. Palm River-Clair Mel, Florida
  6. Vista East, Florida
  7. Cutler Bay, Florida
  8. Milpitas, California
  9. Williamsburg, Tennessee
  10. Apex, North Carolina

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