Where is the best place to open a dental practice? – Dentagraphics

In short, retail office space is the most common and reliable, followed by a condo/suite, and then a ground-up building. But that’s probably not what you’re looking for.

Assuming you’re a General Practitioner, and are really trying to gauge as to where to open your practice, consider a few things:

1. The Demographics of the area

2. Your Competition – #’s & Strengths

3. The Current & Expected Growth

4. City Planners and Developers – What they’re saying. Where the money’s going.

5. The location as place to live, as a place to raise a family

All of which are included within your Dentagraphic Report –

As you narrow down with you Real Estate agent, however, you’ll want key-in around areas that have:

· Coming Developments & Shopping Centers

  • Large-chain grocery stores will constantly drive growth to an area
  • Stores warranting weekly trips (gyms, grocery stores, drug stores)
  • Ever-popular food chains (McDonalds, Chic-Fil-A) have an extremely low fail rate

· High Traffic Counts

  • Essentially large-chain stores and food chains bring one thing – traffic
  • More traffic = more eyes on your practice
  • More traffic = more convenient for a customer to visit

· Schools

  • With over 1000 students, parents and kids both find a nearby practice convenient
  • A yearly-changing student body keeps the population fresh
  • Mom’s who frequent, who make 70-80% of the healthcare decisions in each household

Don’t forget to keep the key demographic variables in mind, however. As lucrative as a 2000 square foot retail space nearby a Wal-Mart may be, it may carry a Dentist/Population ratio of 1/1000, with a population you may not wish to treat.

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