Site Comparison

Multi-Site Comparison

Have multiple address specific office locations in mind? Let us tell you how they stack up.

Your real estate search should lead to several office properties where you can envision your practice. Using this report’s ten key variables, we will demonstrate the differences of each property. One of the most important questions for any new practice is “How many competitors are located nearby?” Our Multi-Site Comparison Study will answer this question using our phone-verified survey results.

Site-Comparison Report And Interactive Map

Once we gather all of the necessary demographic information and research the competition, we provide a comprehensive report and an interactive map. Our report incorporates the weights we suggest for analyzing your practice strategy. You can use these weights on your interactive map, or you can weigh the values of each variable as you wish. Each time, the map will shade in resulting desirability. Combine the Multi-Site Comparison Study with the Area Analysis to validate your ideal location against the rest of the region.

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In this example, 3 Sites were ordered. As you can see, both the raw data and percentile rank for each variable is listed, along with the controls to manually weight each variable to your practice strategy.

After adjusting the weights to your practice strategy, as determined by the survey at checkout, the map will shades in desirability accordingly. You may change the weights, too, and the circles will shade accordingly.

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