Dental Demographics Reports and Analysis

Dental Demographics Reports

Dentagraphics offers demographic reports for buying and building dental practices. Dental demographic reports by Dentagraphics help you find the best areas, compare potential practice sites and know the market served by specific sites.

Unlike our competition, all practices in our reports are phone verified by the Dentagraphics staff, providing you with the most-accurate competition data.

County Reports

Analyze Specific Counties
  • Run detailed reports for any county in the U.S.
  • View comprehensive demographics data such as Dental Practices, Saturation, Age, Income, Medicaid Eligibility, Language, Housing, Education, and Construction
  • Use this tool to compare multiple counties and narrow your search down to a specific county

County Reports are available as a one-time purchase or subscription

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county report
dentagraphics area analysis

Area Analysis

Find the Best Area
  • Find your city or region’s most opportune sub-markets
  • Locate and plot on a map competing dental practices near you
  • Calculate a desirability score for 25 regions inside of your area
  • Rank the 25 regions on the desirability index and
  • Show the regions on a map shaded red to blue, for the best to worst regions for your practice strategy.

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Multi-Site Comparison

Compare Locations
  • Create a desirability index based on demographic factors tailored to your dental practice strategy
  • Locate competing dental practices near the locations you want to compare
  • Calculate a desirability score for the locations you want to compare and rank the locations on the desirability index

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multi-site comparison
single site study

Single-Site Study

Analyze One Location
  • Analyzes the demographics and competition at three different drive times from the site selected for a dental practice, depending on population density
  • Locates competing dental practices by type of practice or specialty
  • Identifies the marketing programs of competing dental practices, including website, organic traffic, paid traffic and keyword analysis

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