Marketing Report

Marketing ReportOrder Now  ($399)

The all-new Marketing Report examines all-things marketing for your dental practice.

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to marketing your practice. However, there are ways to unveil opportunity when it comes to planning a marketing strategy.

Whether you’re opening your first practice or looking for ways to attract new patients to your existing office, the Marketing Report provides:

  • Your Potential Patient Base
    an overview of the demographics and profile of your prospective patients.
  • Coverage Gaps
    uncover under-served areas.
  • Local Online Search Trends
    customized search demand based on your specialty and focus area.
  • Competition
    an in-depth look at your competition and how they’re marketing.

Recommendations – based on the above, recommendations on the different categories of practice marketing and what may work best for your practice.

Order Now  ($399)

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