Consider Natural and Man-Made Boundaries – Dentagraphics

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of living in close proximity to a large river or lake, you know that one of the few drawbacks is having to cross to the other side. Not only is this trip time consuming, but after a while it might even start to induce headaches. For instance, you may…
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Don’t Forget the Competition – Dentagraphics

After years of extra schooling, associateship and paying off debt, many doctors are ready to branch out on their own. Intuitively, they seek trade areas where the demographics best fit their practice strategy.  For example, a Medicaid-focused family practice would seek a market with lots of families and children who qualify for assistance. On the…
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Big Box Retailers: Good, but not Perfect, Neighbors – Dentagraphics

National and regional chain retailers are reliable drivers of site traffic. Undoubtedly, they bring lots of eyes to the area where they choose to locate. As a result, these magnets for development are commonly recommended by real estate professionals as desirable neighbors for dental practices. And that’s for good reason. But they’re not perfect. The…
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