Reporting on Dental Expenditures – Dentagraphics

If a city’s median household income is $70,000, its residents surely spend more on dental care than than the residents of the neighboring town where median household income is $60,000, right? Not necessarily. Though median household income is often accepted as the sole measurement of an area’s wealth and thus, demand for services, it’s really…
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Population Growth: Three Levels to Investigate – Dentagraphics

Among the many demographic factors considered in a dental real estate search, the growth of an area is often seen as one of the most vital. Given that the office you choose may be the place you call your “work home” for 20 years or more, it’s no wonder that future population projections are at…
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Consider Natural and Man-Made Boundaries – Dentagraphics

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of living in close proximity to a large river or lake, you know that one of the few drawbacks is having to cross to the other side. Not only is this trip time consuming, but after a while it might even start to induce headaches. For instance, you may…
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Don’t Forget the Competition – Dentagraphics

After years of extra schooling, associateship and paying off debt, many doctors are ready to branch out on their own. Intuitively, they seek trade areas where the demographics best fit their practice strategy.  For example, a Medicaid-focused family practice would seek a market with lots of families and children who qualify for assistance. On the…
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