Introducing the All-New Dentagraphics


Above: Practice Finder

Becoming a practice owner is a surprisingly lengthy process often with many unforeseen developments along the way. At Dentagraphics, it has always been our goal to ensure that our clients were making informed decisions and not wasting years of their time and hundreds of thousands of dollars on challenging locations. Sometimes this meant spending a few hundred dollars to realize that you wanted to take a step back right as you were ready to sign on the dotted line. Though the loss isn’t nearly as big as a practice that just won’t take off, it’s not nothing either. But what if you could have known what the market analysis was going to say before pursuing a particular location? You’d have never spent so much time on it, right? 

You can probably see where we’re going with this. Today we are excited to announce the relaunched Dentagraphics, an all-new platform that will help to streamline the process for both start-ups and acquisitions. Here are just some of the features that went live with the launch:

  • Unlimited on-demand search: Enter any location and instantly see relevant market data, including demographics and competition as verified by a hybrid team of humans and computers.

  • Practice Finder: Set geographic and demographic parameters (eg high income areas in Greater Phoenix) and see a list of offices that meet those criteria. Save your favorites to reach out to later.


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