Area Analysis

Area Analysis

Have a general idea as to where you want to practice, like a city, or are you debating between cities?

Starting your search has never been easier. You pick a point. We study an area around that point. We divide the area into 25 overlapping circles, compare the most recent demographics and dental practice saturation between the circles, and display the results on Dentagraphic’s Interactive Map. We are the only dental demographic company that phone-verifies your competition’s office locations.

The demographic information in each circle appears on the map as a color, shaded from blue to red. The redder the circle’s shade, the more desirable the area in the circle, from a demographic and competitive standpoint. Think of it as going from ‘cold’ to ‘hot’. Customize this report based on our 10 key variables which tailor to your ideal patient base and practice strategy.

Report And Interactive Map

Once we gather all of the necessary demographic information and research the competition, we provide a comprehensive report and an interactive map. Our report incorporates the weights we suggest for analyzing your practice strategy. You can use these weights on your interactive map, or you can weigh the values of each variable as you wish. Each time, the map will shade in resulting desirability.

There are 3 options for the Area Analysis based on population density for the area you want studied. All three reports compare 25 overlapping circles in grid pattern:

Urban: Designed for major inter-city areas – 1 mile radius circles, covers 64 sq. miles. We recommend this report only if the majority of patients will use mass-transit, walk, bike or taxi to your office.

Metro: Designed for most cities and suburban areas – 2 mile radius circles, covers 256 sq. miles. We recommend this report for most of our clients.

Rural: Designed for rural areas – 3 mile radius circles, covers 576 sq. miles. We recommend this report for doctors in small towns far away from large cities.

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An example of an ‘area’ – 25 spots

Chart showing raw data and percentile ranks for each circle

An example of an ‘area’ – 25 spots, shaded by desirability

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